The exam

Hi everyone! Long time no see. I haven’t anything to write for. But I came back right now! The exam is coming up. I think time goes too fast. Haha, I didn’t study. But it’s okay. I will better than now! Writing this essay is also studying English! I want to belive that.. All of my friends are busy with my friends after the exam. I think playing is more important than than studying now. I am trying not to stress my studies. I will live happily ever after! 🙂 Oh, I did say this, but studying for the exam is important 😂😂 I wish everyone would do well in the exam! Cheer up! Good luck guys.

OMG, OMG.. I wrote this on the eve of the test. But I ended up talking when the exam ended.

What is dream? what is Future?

Hello! I’m going to write about my future. But I have no dream now. I’m 15 years old this year. I must find my dream now. But I don’t know what my talant is for finding a dream. I wanted to be a zookeeper and voice actor. Hmm.. I’m not sure right now. I have many drrams but I’m not sure I can do it. I don’t have confidence. I fear little future X( Can I live well? Oh, is that because I’m still young? I think I’m too worried about it. What about my future? What do you do? I wish I were happy. And I hope to be someone important to others. I want to be respected. 🙂 This dream is too big? I want to achieve these dreams. If I lose my job, I want to achieve it. That is a precious dream to me. :3 More than job, I want to achieve this more. I think that happy things are better than anything else.

” Don’t worry

be happy. ”


This is my favorite motto!

Let’t be happy yeaaaaaah XD


ps. I don’t know what I wrote. :p

About me!

Hello, my name is Kim Ju Eun! I’m from South Korea. But now, I’m liveing Hanoi in Vietnam. Because it is of my dad. I think my friends will be almost the same me. I like liveing in Korea, but I think living in Vietnam is pretty good too. For your information, so far, I have lived here for 3 years! Yeaaaah, I’m 15 years old this year and I go to Korea international school in Hanoi. :3 My favorite subjects is English and P.E! But I hate running. Let me introduce myself, I like watching Japanese animation and listening to music. Oh, Japanese animation is really perfect.. fantastic… ❤ I’m listen to the song of Korea, Janpan and English. Sometimes, I hear French and Cilean song. The songs are really good. My hobby is working with SNS, drawing pictures and sometimes read a book. I like SNS very much. I use almost on my smartphone, Twitter, Kakao story, Kakao talk and Facebook. These are really fun! 😀 Twitter and Kakao story are the most interesting! 🙂 My internet friends are very kind and nice~ I really like them ❤ Sometimes I draw a picture, I feel sad when I get a slmp 😥 But I do not want to give up my picture! …Oops, I have nothing to say. Umm.. I want English very well. To do that, I will study.

Cheer up, Kim Ju Eun XD